Available Children

Every child needs to be loved in gigantic quantities and with unbelievable quality. 


Daniel Asante

Daniel’s favorite color is white. He wants to be a teacher when he grows up. Daniel is very good at the Ghanaian language and enjoys playing jokes on the other children as well as telling them stories.  His goal is always to make everyone laugh and smile, which happens with his contagious smile. Daniel has been with The Heart Smiles since 2011 because his father is crippled and unable to care for him and his mother has passed away. Daniel has sickle cell anemia and thanks to our donors, we are able to afford medication for him.




 Emannuel Atta

Emmanuel’s favorite color is red. He enjoys painting, drawing, and playing soccer. His favorite subject in school is mathematics and creative art. Emmanuel lost his father and his mother is mentally ill and unable to care for him.