Someone asked me to tell her what The Heart Smiles did in less than 30 seconds.  We rescue children from child labor.  Simple.  Can you imagine being 10 years old, alone, and being forced to work in the gold mines?  This is the reality for our children and we are in a war to fight it.  The World Bank estimates 1 in 6 children in Ghana are in the labor force.

John Bioh faced this horror.  He was brought to the mines by the family he was living with so that he could earn money.  It’s dirty, it’s dangerous, and it’s not the life we want for our Heart Smiles children.  For a few weeks we were heartbroken.  We sent one of our caretakers to follow him and make sure he was ok.  Luckily we were able to talk to John’s caretakers and make them understand that he must attend school.  Thankfully they agreed and now John is safe and sound in his village.  I included some pictures of John below.

Sadly, we cannot say the same for Enock.  He is still working in the mines and we can’t get him back.  We think of him often and pray for his safety.  He is a gifted artist, with such an incredible spirit.

This is why we fight so hard to get our building completed.  Once we know our children are safe and under our loving roof, we can sleep soundly at night, knowing they are not being forced to work in cocoa or gold mines and beg on the streets.  We will know they are warm, safe, and getting an education.

We must continue our mission.  We must continue to build.  Can you help rescue our children?  Visit http://www.gofundme.com/3ra60w and support our current building project.  The rainy season is coming and we must protect our building.

Thank you,

Lindsay Richard

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