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imageOur Inspiration:

The Heart Smiles is a nonprofit organization founded in September 2009. It is dedicated to the cherished memory of a young lady by name Mansoora Wahab Baidoo. Mansoora, while herself hospitalized and battling a life-threatening disease, took up the cause of raising funds to assist another patient, an older woman, who could no longer afford to pay her mounting medical bills. The exemplary values of compassion and selflessness demonstrated by Mansoora are the inspiration for this organization. It is our humble intention to be worthy emulators of Mansoora’s example.

Our Mission:

To provide orphaned Ghanian children with a home that ensures good health, strong minds, hope, and a reason to smile.

Our Vision For the Children of Ghana:

  • Develop and Implement Operational Infrastructure
  • Build Collaborative Partnerships for Success
  • Ensure Quality Education
  • Create a Self Sustaining Community

Who is The Heart Smiles?image

Based in San Antonio, TX, The Heart Smiles is a 501-C3 charity whose mission is to better the lives of orphans in Ghana, West Africa.  We are truly a non-profit and 100% Volunteer Run and the Board of Directors as well as, our Founder receive no payment for their dedication. All volunteers donate our time, energy and even their own financial resources to our cause.  This level of commitment to the children, ensures that 100% of your donations will benefit only the children of Ghana.

Our dedicated Board Members volunteer their time to raise funds continually through fundraising events at local schools, businesses, and churches.  In a continuing effort to help our global community, The Heart Smiles, proudly sells FairTrade Fashion Design Mission Bracelets that are handmade in Nepal.  Proceeds from the sales of these bracelets help efforts in decreasing human trafficking from this area.

Public speaking events, private fundraising parties, as well as garage sales occur annually to help raise money for the children of Ghana, West Africa.

Please contact us today if you would like to host or promote your business through one of our fundraising events.

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