What We Do

Simply put, we help children in Ghana. The majority of our children are orphans, have special medical needs, and/or come from extreme poverty. As a young child, our founder, Ama, felt compassion for marginalized children and knew that someday she would help them. Later in her adult life, Ama went to a friend’s house in Ghana and met a young lady named Mansoora Wahab Baidoo. Mansoora offered Ama guava, which happened to be Ama’s favorite fruit, and they ate together. Upon Ama’s return to the United States, she learned that Mansoora had passed away from complications of Lupus. She found out more about Mansoora’s kind heart and generosity: while Mansoora herself was hospitalized, she raised funds to assist another patient who could no longer afford her medical bills. This rekindled Ama’s vision of supporting marginalized children.

What Your Sponsorship Provides

We could not do this without YOU! For just $35 a month, a child in our HeartSmiles program is able to attend school, eat balanced meals, and have healthcare when needed.

Our orphanage, located at Manso Akropong, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, houses the children and their caregivers. The orphanage is within walking distance of their school.